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God is doing a NEW THING!


At Ignite Ministries, we envision a world transformed by the power of God's love and grace, where lives are rebuilt, hearts are restored, and hope is renewed. Inspired by the profound message of Isaiah 61, our ministry is dedicated to being a beacon of light, bringing forth healing, redemption, and spiritual growth in the lives of individuals and communities.


We are committed to rebuilding lives that have been broken, shattered by adversity, or plagued by despair. Through compassionate outreach, counseling, and support, we aim to empower individuals to overcome their past and build a solid foundation for a brighter future. We stand as agents of change, restoring dignity and self-worth to those who have experienced loss and hardship.


At Ignite Ministries, we embrace the call to restore those who have suffered wounds, both visible and hidden. Just as Isaiah proclaimed, we will bind up the brokenhearted and offer solace to the weary. Through prayer, fellowship, and the transforming power of God's Word, we seek to bring healing to hurting souls and cultivate an environment of emotional and spiritual restoration.


We believe in the power of renewal, the transformative work of God's Spirit breathing new life into weary hearts. Our ministry aims to ignite the flame of hope in the lives of those who have lost their way. By sharing the Gospel and fostering a nurturing community of faith, we desire to see lives renewed with purpose, passion, and a profound connection to God.

Through the divine guidance of Isaiah 61, Ignite Ministries envisions a world where brokenness is mended, where joy replaces mourning, and where beauty arises from ashes. As we walk alongside individuals and communities, we strive to exemplify Christ's love, seeking to ignite a profound transformation that radiates through generations, restoring hope and bringing lasting change to a hurting world. Together, we embrace the call to Rebuild, Restore, and Renew, as we journey towards a brighter future, united in the love and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



welcome home!

7173 SW State Rd 200
Ocala, Fl  34476

Sunday at 12 pm 
Monday Prayer at 7pm

Wednesday at 7 pm
Joshua & Bobbi
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Talk soon. God Bless! 

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